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Padre & Coyote Woman at their remote log home in the mountains of North Idaho

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Idaho Knife Works

P.O. Box 144

Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869

Reach us by cellular telephone at our remote mountain cabin [Pacific Time]

(509) 994-9394

IKW 25yrs

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Idaho Knife Works
Celebrating 25 Years In Business.

The Revenant Movie Knives

IKW Selected As Movie Prop Creator.

Now that The Revenant's epic adventure of survival and the extraordinary power of the human spirit has been told look at what is being said a little closer to home. posted a great article:
Couple's handcrafted knives featured in 'The Revenant'.

IKW was selected as a provider of movie props. Showing rubber replica for tom hardy created from original IKW work.

The three Revenant Movie knives are from left to right, Hudson Bay Knife, San Francisco Bowie and Nessmuk Knife. The photo of 2 blades are a special knife design for Tom Hardy. One knife was used to make a rubber double.

Mike in the shop works on movie props

Check out the official trailer on YouTube: The Revenant

Quality Custom Knives created by Padre & Coyote Woman at their remote log home in the mountains of North Idaho. He made his first knife - 1965 High School Shop class in Illinois where he grew up hunting and fishing with his brothers on The Family Farm, homesteaded in 1869. His passion for making knives as a hobby gradually developed into a full time business. He has won OBest Primitive Knife several times at Professional Knifemaker Shows in Denver. His work has been featured in Tactical Knives, Backwoodsman, Blade, Knives Illustrated, Guns of the Old West, Muzzle Blast Magazines along with several other publications. His years of experience as an outdoorsman and appreciation for our historical past guide his artistic expression in the functional knives he builds.

Forging the steel builds a tough, durable tool. He uses 5160, 1080 or 15N20 high carbon steel that holds an edge and sharpens easy for use. Larger blades are forged steel and smaller blades are stock removal. Blades are flat ground, edge hardened and tempered so that tang/back of blade are not as hard as the cutting edge - for flexibility (not brittleness). Full tang handles with your choice of slab material. A sturdy leather sheath comes with each knife. Mike & his wife-Debbie built an independent powered home & shop where they live close to nature and work to present a beautiful working knife destined to become a family heirloom...

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Mike & his wife Debbie

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in Knife World Magazine???

If you are as passionate about knives as we are here at IKW then you probably caught this coverage of Idaho Knife Works in Knife World but in case you didn't your in luck check it out right now by clicking HERE. Knife World has had a recent change in format to Knife Magazine. Check 'em out, don't miss another article.