Cowboy Era Knives

"The Old San Francisco Bowie Knife"

A Gambler's knife of the Cowboy era with a forged, high carbon spring steel blade that is hardened and tempered to hold an edge and sharpen easily! Full tang handle can be antler or wood slabs [price varies by choice] and comes with a boot or belt style sheath. A functional piece of history available today! knife in photo has a 6" blade with full tang handle starting at $415.

San Francisco Bowie Knife

YouTube Video - Idaho Knife Works Bowie ( San Francisco Bowie ) A look at one of my favorite big knives. This is one big sexy knife, made for me by Idaho Knife Works 10 years ago. If you like big knives, I think you'll like this somewhat different piece of steel and stag. It's called the San Francisco Bowie; however, I had them enlarge their basic design a bit. I see that they are still going strong.

The Fighter Bowie

This Fighter Bowie has a 10" forged high carbon spring steel blade - starts @ $745. Forged 'S' guard +$45 and brass spine cap +$50 (optional).

Full tang handle slabs on the one - Elk Antler +$60.

Other handle material available-price will vary w/choice.

A sturdy leather sheath comes with your knife!

Doc Togden Bowie

This knife was made for Doc Togden in Vale of Glamorgan - Wales. It has a 7" ($460) [length can vary] rough forged, high carbon steel blade. The full tang handle is Fossilizes Mammoth Ivory (other handle material available - price varies) with fancy mosaic pins ($25) and copper guard (+$30). Knife comes with sturdy leather sheath. You can special order yours with modifications that may change the price.

Gentleman's Dress Bowie

Gentleman's Dress Bowie

A very popular Cowboy Era Bowie of the 1800's. It features a forged, high carbon spring steel blade with full tang antler or wood handle*. Comes with sturdy leather sheath. This knife, 5" blade starts at $375.

"I received a Gentleman's Bowie and was immediately impressed with the quality of workmanship. Fit and finish were superb and knife had a nice balance and comforting heft to it." - Dan Johnson, Handgun Magazine Oct./Nov. 2003

5" to 7" blade, full tang handle - $375 - $460.
Prices may vary depending on materials used.

Nachez Bowie

This Nachez Bowie has an 8" forged blade that is 3/16" thick and tapers to each end (start @ $530). The bolster is Mammoth Ivory and full tang handle is Ebony Wood with nickel silver pins. It comes with sturdy leather sheath. You can special order yours with any modifications in blade length or handle material.

Let us know what you want!

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