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IKW Selected As Movie Prop Creator.

Mike in the shop works on movie props

You Bet! When the movie land prop shop needs a great prop for a big hit movie like The Reverant Mike get's to work and produces era knives of only the best quality and period match available.

The Revenant Movie Knives

Now that The Revenant's epic adventure of survival and the extraordinary power of the human spirit has been told look at what is being said a little closer to home. posted a great article:
Couple's handcrafted knives featured in 'The Revenant'.

IKW was selected as a provider of Revenant Movie knife props.

The three Revenant Movie knives are from left to right, Hudson Bay Knife, San Francisco Bowie and Nessmuk Knife.

Showing rubber replica for Tom Hardy created from original IKW work. This photo of 2 blades are a special knife design for Tom Hardy. One knife was used to make a rubber double.

Check out the official trailer on YouTube: The Revenant

Padre & Coyote Woman are in thee news

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American Frontiersman Magazine article by Dan Shechtman

"as useful and functional today as it was during the fur trade."


The Truth About

“5 From the Grinder” with Michael L. Mann (Idaho Knife ...

I first became aware of Michael and Debbie Mann when reading about the knives in the movie Revenant. Together they are the founders of Idaho Knife Works, which ...

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